Character Generation Part I (VsD version)

Back to the Mud makes some slight changes to the rules of the Open00 System (find the open license here). I have made changes to the attributes (stats) replacing them with the more common (and best known) names. This required 1 skill name change, Charisma is now called Persuasion.

This is a human centered game, and features no playable non-human kin, though most cultures remain unchanged. That does not mean there are no humanoids present, but those that are, are too alien or inhuman to make good characters. They are mostly misunderstood or outright evil in service to the Dark Master.

With no playable kin other than human, you may add +5 to any one stat after finding your starting values.

Starting hit points are 30, with max hit points still at 120 as per the VsD rules. All other human values remain unchanged as do the rules/values for cultures.

Generate Starting Statistics

To generate your starting statistics, roll 1d100 for each of the below in order. If you roll a negative stat, embrace the suffering. Use it as character development, we can’t all be superheroes. The name of this game/campaign comes from a saying in the First Law series of books by Joe Abercrombie (I will post a page of my own “Appendix N” for the inspirational media for this game later).

  • Strength (Brawn)
  • Dexterity (Swiftness)
  • Constitution (Fortitude)
  • Intelligence (Wits)
  • Wisdom (Wisdom)
  • Charisma (Bearing
RollStat Value

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